Sometimes it really surprises me how many of the services we offer at Bailey & Associates aren’t necessarily part and parcel of what most Court Reporters in West Palm Beach offer their clients. We’ve been offering a comprehensive list of services to our satisfied clients for so long, the “extras” that they keep coming back to us for feel like second nature at this point. However, for some agencies, I might understand how certain court reporters in West Palm Beach might have trouble keeping up with the very high and professional standards we set in the industry.

For starters, both newer and older agencies might have trouble offering their clients the convenience of electronic scheduling. But scheduling our clients electronically has been an essential part of Bailey & Associates for many years, and I can’t see us operating without it. We aren’t afraid to embrace new and emerging technology, which other agencies might shun because they fear change. On the other hand, newer organizations might not have the resources necessary to streamline their scheduling system electronically. At Bailey & Associates, however, synchronizing our clients through our state of the art electronic scheduling system helps us stay on top of our clients’ appointments, and also affords us the convenience of letting them know when we have cancellations or last-minute openings for that deposition which just cannot wait.

Another electronic service we offer over other court reporters in West Palm Beach is our online document repository. With this repository, our clients can access their documents at any time, from any location. they don’t even need a personal computer to gain this access. If they own a smart phone or a tablet with internet capabilities, they can have access to their documents 24 hours per day, 7 days out of the week. And with our advanced electronic search options, getting the information they need from their documents is quick, easy, and virtually papercut free.

Of course, those aren’t the only electronic services which put us a step ahead of most other court reporters in West Palm Beach. We use top of the line electronic video equipment to record courtroom quality video depositions and provide our clients with teleconferencing services. Additionally, if our clients need help with video sync or even editing their video depositions, we’re happy, eager, and more than qualified to help.

At the end of the day, anyone who’s looking for the most technologically advanced court reporters in West Palm Beach won’t have to look much farther than Bailey & Associates. From the moment clients book an appointment with our electronic scheduling service, to accessing documents electronically from any computer, smart phone, or tablet device, to our high-quality video teleconferencing, streamlining, and editing services, our clients get the best court reporting services that their money can buy.

Frankly, I love incorporating the latest technology into our daily operations at Bailey & Associates. It keeps me at the top of my game and makes be one of the best court reporters West Palm Beach has ever seen…not to brag, of course.