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The Supreme Court of Florida issued Order AOSC20-16 which permits Court Reporters to remotely swear in a witness via audio video communication equipment. Empire Legal Reporting has all the latest video conferencing and remote depositions software so you can take legal proceedings remotely at our offices, your offices, or on your mobile device.  Our staff will set up and test all configurations and connections with real-time monitoring support.

Bailey & Associates Reporting is a premier leader in accurate court reporting and computerized litigation support services. Our agency is comprised of exceptionally skilled court  reporters and videographers specializing in every aspect of civil and criminal litigation. With over 20 years experience, Bailey & Associates Reporting has carved its way as being South Florida’s most successful and well-respected court reporting firm.

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We have spacious conference rooms designed to accommodate all of your stenographic needs. Our main office is conveniently located at 116 Southeast 6th Court Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33301. We also have a location one block from the Broward County Courthouse as well as offices throughout the State of Florida and elsewhere. If you do not see a location that meets your needs, please call or e-mail our office.

Deposition Video

The legal industry is well known for change and deposition video is a great example. It was not considered a favorite among attorneys originally because it was expensive, the quality was poor and it was challenging to get the content to the court room. However, a lot has changed and it is now one of the preferred methods of court reporting used by lawyers all around the world. As you look for more information for this option, consider these advantages

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Our goal as one of the leading court reporting firms in South Florida is to provide you with elite service and ensure that you are ready for each case, regardless of how many clients you have to handle. If you would like to learn more or schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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We may not be who you think of when you need Miami court reporters. That’s because we have established ourselves throughout South Florida including Broward and West Palm Beach. However, we are more than happy to assist you anywhere you need us, and we have offices located throughout the tri-county area including Miami. That flexibility in traveling, along with other services that we offer is very important and can be valuable to a lawyer or a law firm. These services include an online repository, video depositions, luxury suites that can be utilized throughout the area and more.

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Bailey & Associates Reporting’s mission is to provide highly skilled court reporters, state-of-the-art technology and outstanding service to all of our clients.


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Bailey & Associates Reporting is the premier leader in accurate court reporting and litigation support solutions. We provide high skilled reporters, state-of-the-art technology and exceptional client service.


Our main office is conveniently located at 500 East Broward Boulevard, Suite 1700 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We also have an office one block from the Broward County courthouse. We also have satellite offices in the Tri-County area to meet any location needs.

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Bailey & Associates Reporting is superior when it comes to accurate reporting and computerized litigation support services. Our services include world-class court reporters and videographers specializing in all aspects of litigation. Our experienced court reporters are dedicated to producing accurate transcripts in a timely fashion. We recognize and appreciate how busy every law firm can be, that is why we always have court reporters available to accommodate last minute scheduling needs.

Bailey & Associates Reporting offers exceptionally skilled court reporters at competitive rates. That is why premier law firms look to us when their cases demand the highest level of reliability, quality and experience.