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Video Depositions in Fort Lauderdale

To be the best in the video deposition business we only work with the best and most professional independent videographers. Our clients look for the most skilled professionals. Our reliable, on time and professional approach is what our clients appreciate about us.

Once a rarity, video depositions are catching on across the country as a way to preserve the spontaneity and drama of crucial interviews that often happen years before a case goes to trial. Camera, sound, and editing equipment have steadily improved. At the same time they’ve grown cheaper. A new generation of tech-savvy lawyers now accounts for a major portion of the profession, and courts are encouraging the use of technology by wiring courtrooms for electronic visual presentations.

The demand for quality video deposition services continues to grow in the legal field. For one, they make things easier as far as preserving the emotion of a client. Imagine a situation where you know for a fact if you could preserve the emotion of a client and show that in a trial you would almost be guaranteed to win the case? Now think about that same situation and realize you have to wait 2-3 years for a trial? That makes a huge difference as you are putting a case together. Another reason video depositions are rising in popularity is because the quality has gotten exceedingly better. Poor quality videos were a concern when they first came out because they would not be allowed which is why many attorneys shied away from them. However, with the improvements in the technology and the fact that it is more common and affordable than ever, you can now take full advantage of these video depositions and utilize them.

Bailey & Associates Reporting has spent years working on improving our services. Whether it’s our court reporting services, expanding our areas of availability, internet and video deposition or something else, if our clients need it we will work hard to not only provide it, but provide it at the highest quality possible. That’s why when you need a court reporter in South Florida; we are your top choice. The quality of the deposition can make or break your case which is why you need a professional court reporter firm to assist you with all your clients. We can accommodate you with all your deposition needs to ensure that get the professionalism you need. If you are ready to learn more about our services and the advancements in technology as it relates to the legal field, give us a call today.

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