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Bailey & Associates Suite #1 - Fort Lauderdale
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Bailey & Associates Fort Lauderdale (Southeast) Deposition Suite

For over 8 years, Bailey & Associates has provided the greater Fort Lauderdale area with superior court reporting services.  Legal firms and attorneys have come to trust our advanced court reporting office with all their deposition needs.  Our office is equipped with the latest technologies to help you conduct your most successful deposition.

Bailey & Associates’ southeast Fort Lauderdale office is located right near I-95 and Route 842, making this a convenient location.  A hotel is located just a few blocks away; many of our out-of-town clients prefer to stay here when traveling to southeast Fort Lauderdale for their business.  Please contact us if you have any additional questions about your time in southeast Fort Lauderdale.

From the moment you walk into our southeast Fort Lauderdale office, you’ll know you’re in the right hands.  Discover why more world-class legal firms and attorneys achieve successful case outcomes with Bailey & Associates by their side.

Bailey & Associates Fort Lauderdale (Southeast) Court Reporting


When you specialize in world-class legal services, you need to find court reporting and stenography services that match your quality and commitment to service. You need someone you can trust – who will play that pivotal role in helping you achieve a successful outcome for your clients.

That’s why you should partner with Bailey & Associates in southeast Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Our certified court reporters specialize in providing clients with superior depositions, transcripts, and court reports – in other words, everything they need to win a case.

Bailey & Associates is proud to offer our clients the most advanced and convenient court reporting services in the southeast Fort Lauderdale area.  Once you walk into our court deposition suite, you’ll immediately note that every inch of the room is designed with your success in mind.  Our suite is capable of holding video conferences, so clients can hold depositions with anyone.  Whether your client is located across town or in another country, you’ll be able to hold a successful and productive deposition.

Our commitment to advanced court-reporting technologies carries through in our work.  We can condense lengthy transcripts, making it easier for you to find what you need in less time.  We make these transcripts searchable by keyword, which is perfect for the busy legal professional. That means less time spent on searching through your depositions, and more time spent ensuring a successful outcome.

Unlike our competition, we believe that you shouldn’t have to pay to access your own information. You won’t even have to pay for our emailing or condensing services, as they’re available to you free of charge.

Your privacy and convenience are of the utmost importance to us.  That’s why we create secure and private repositories for all of our clients, which is where we upload all deposition documents, transcripts, and videos.  Access your information anytime you need, and download as many documents as you want – without paying a dime.

After all, it’s your information – and you shouldn’t have to pay for the privilege of accessing it.

Bailey & Associates is located in a convenient area of southeast Fort Lauderdale, making us the preferred destination for court reporting, depositions, and transcripts.  Our office is designed to ensure you remain comfortable and productive.  We provide high-speed Internet, light snacks and beverages throughout the day, thus ensuring your absolute comfort while you work.

If you have time before your deposition or a client is late, don’t hesitate to make use of the many amenities and sites around our southeast Fort Lauderdale office.  From our local restaurants to all the world-famous sites of our city, a member of our office will be happy to point out what you should enjoy while you wait for your deposition to begin.

Don’t entrust your legal firm’s business with anyone less than the best.  Trust the world-class court reporters and stenographers at Bailey & Associates in southeast Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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