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Court Reporter Services

The most important thing to remember when looking for court reporting services is that the team you hire is going to be with you for years and you are going to rely on them, time and time again. That’s very important and it’s also a big reason why so many lawyers throughout South Florida including Boca Raton and West Palm Beach have teamed with Bailey & Associates. However, we try to go beyond the normal tasks of a court reporter and offer assistance in other areas including:

  • Luxury Suites: Throughout the area we have luxury suites available, even for last minute depositions to ensure that you have a place to hold a meeting. We will meet you at your location or one of ours to accommodate your schedule.
  • Deposition Video: This option is in high demand because the quality is better than ever before and it offers a great option that is utilized throughout the country.
  • Online Repository: If you are on the road or need to grab documents quickly, you can access our secure repository online from anywhere. This is a big help for attorneys who are juggling heavy caseloads.


Finding quality court reporter services mainly stems from three specific areas. You have to make sure that the services offered by the court reporting firm are all done at the highest quality. For example, a firm can claim they offer an online repository but is it something you can access from anywhere, any day and any time? Is it easy to access for you but secure against everyone who shouldn’t have access? How often is it updated and how soon will your deposition be added to it? These are all fair questions you should ask. Another area to determine the quality of a firm is their flexibility in schedule and territory. You are based in West Palm Beach but you have a client who lives in Aventura and you cannot bring them up to you. Therefore, you not only need a court reporter that can travel to Aventura, but you also need a place to have the deposition. Luckily, the firm you hired not only can travel to accommodate you, but they also have a depositions suite you can use in that area.

Finally, when you are looking for quality court reporter services you need to make sure that you are working with a team that has experience. Each deposition is different and having an experienced reporter who knows how to handle the situation can make things a lot easier on you. At Bailey & Associates Reporting we have full confidence in our team because they are experienced, well trained and given the resources they need to succeed. Our clients demand the best and we make sure we deliver whether it’s a luxury suite in Miami, a repository to help you stay organized or something else. Call today and find out what really makes us the best in the business.

Find Court Reporters

If you are trying to find court reporters, then you probably are taking this search very seriously. That’s good because this is a decision that can impact your firm for years and you need to be sure that you are hiring the best team for the job. How can this hire impact your firm? Let’s start with professionalism and availability. You have to find time to fit meetings into yours and your client’s schedules. That’s complicated enough and now you also need to make sure that a stenographer is available as well, not only at that time, but at that location as well.

Is it hard to find court reporters? Probably not, but when you add certain conditions it can make your search a little bit tougher. For example, if you need to hire a court reporter, you want to start with finding someone who is experienced, professional and will handle every case with respect. What else should you look for? The best place to start is services that will benefit you and your firm whether you are handling one case or several through the same agency. These services may not be things you originally thought of but can prove beneficial in the cases to come.

A great example of a service to look for when you are trying to hire a court reporter are deposition suites. If you have an office in Miami but want to be competitive and get clients from Broward and West Palm Beach, it would be a smart move to hire a reporting team that offers offices in those areas. What about an online repository that makes it easier than ever to access your files from anywhere? Are you big into video depositions? That’s another feature you should look for as you try to find a new agency to utilize. All of these may not be obvious things to look for when you get started but they can add up and be very beneficial to you for years.

Bailey & Associates is the place to go to find court reporters in South Florida who are experienced, reliable and will do outstanding work each time you call on them. Our site offers more detailed information about each service and you can learn more about what we have available when you contact us as well. We are excited to show you why lawyers throughout the area have worked with our team for years and how we can assist you.

Court Reporter In West Palm Beach

Location is something else you should consider when you are looking for a court reporter in West Palm Beach. Can they accommodate you if you have to meet with a client in Miami? Can they handle a meeting in Miami in the morning and one in Boca Raton in the afternoon? You have to adjust to your client’s schedules and you need an agency that can do the same. This isn’t just someone you are hiring to do some work, it’s a hire that will become part of your team and impact how you are able to deliver outstanding service to your clients. That’s why this is an important decision.

Video Deposition

Bailey & Associates makes it easy to find court reporters in South Florida because we can accommodate your needs, helping you to provide elite quality service to all of your clients. Whether it’s a video deposition, accessing our online repository, using one of our luxury deposition suites located throughout the area or something else, we are here to assist you. Take a look at our website and see exactly what we can do for you and your firm to ensure the best quality service as well as some other options you may be able to utilize.

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