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Internet Deposition Services in Fort Lauderdale

Bailey Associates Reporting suite of internet deposition services provides exceptional flexibility to conduct depositions in a manner that meets your needs.

Depositions demand extensive preparation by a legal team and in many cases, also require exhaustive, costly and time consuming travel. Today, advances in technology can reduce or eliminate many deposition frustrations, including allowing attorneys to attend internet deposition services remotely; conduct interviews via videoconferencing; receive deposition transcripts or video over the Internet or share exhibits electronically.

Bailey Associates Reporting internet deposition services is at the forefront of providing attorneys and their legal teams with innovative ways to leverage technology in order to maximize time and minimize costs. Our suite of virtual deposition services provides exceptional flexibility to conduct depositions in a manner that meets your needs. We offer a combination of proven technology backed by exceptional customer service and a wide array of options for your depositions. Our virtual deposition services include:

  • Realtime Transcript Streaming
  • Video Streaming
  • Videoconferencing
  • Virtual Videoconferencing
  • Electronic Exhibits


As technology advances in the legal industry, internet deposition, video and other resources are in higher demand than ever. However, one thing is clear, the quality must be good. You cannot submit anything substandard or it will not be usable. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the court reporting agency you are working with not only has the technology but the capabilities of producing high-quality work. We strive to make sure that our services are of the highest possible quality; otherwise we simply do not offer it. Internet depositions will be in more demand this year than they have been the previous five years combined. That’s a sign of the times we are in and proof of how the industry is shifting. Make sure that you are working with an agency that understands this and is working hard to keep up with the shift to better serve you.

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