Our Team

Trish Bailey-Entin

Trish Bailey-Entin

Trish has been the owner & operator of Bailey & Associates Reporting for 12 years and a reporter for over 20 years. She has reported high profile trials as well as thousands of depositions.
Shari Real

Shari Real

Office Manager
Shari has been the office manager for over ten years. She is involved in every aspect of the office and is the go-to person for any unanswered question.

Our Court Reporters

The best reporters are here at Bailey & Associates Reporting. Our clients seek more than just the
best reporters – professional, timely people who can help law firms with elite litigation support services and technology.
That’s what we offer at Bailey & Associates.

Radiah Windsor

Started-2012 | B&A-2012

Kerry Lammie

Started-2005 | B&A-2005

Vicky Suarez

Started-1989 | B&A-2013

Maria Krug | FPR, RPR, RMR

Started-1974 | B&A-2014

Sandra Suarez

Started-2006 | B&A-2006

Juliet McKamey

Started-1989 | B&A-2015